The workplace is where the creativity begins (but not necessarily ends!) so here is a peek of where most of my food photography is set up.

On a side note, most of it isn’t even set up. I usually walk into the kitchen and am inspired by objects that someone forgot to put away or whatever dish my husband is cooking up!
He definitely has earned his own section here soon…!!

LITERALLY Working from home

Even though it may seem ideal to some, I think it’s quite hard to get anything done when working from home unless you have the proper space conducive to working.

For example, NOT a desk in your bedroom where you feel like you’re working from inside a closet.

old desk

I hated feeling like I I was snowed in and also confined to the bedroom (but it IS nice to shut the door and shut everyone out!!!) so I suggested renting and office space. Patrick didn’t really like that idea, so he reconstructed the desk he was using downstairs to something that we could both use. It still isn’t ideal since there’s always people stopping by, animals running around or just anything in general that could be a distraction, but I suppose I can work with it for now.

This is a recent change we made so I still intend on decorating it but I’ll post a picture of it here soon!


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