SIMPLY milk new Logo

My name is Rachel and I am a creative at heart. I greatly prefer animals to humans. I work as a freelance photographer, photojournalist and website builder. Some of my hobbies include making short films, creating things I find on Pinterest and always moving furniture around or painting something. If it’s fun, let’s do it. In 2014 I got married to this beautiful human– and then moved from Florida to Québec (WHAAAA?????)

wedding on the beach

And then this happened right afterwards.

wedding day drinks

So now I live in a primarily French speaking provence with my husband, his kids, and all of our animals.

About Simpy Milk Co.

The story behind the name of my company is simple (ugh, puns just HAPPEN sometimes): I was standing outside of a coffee shop on one of those perfect rainy days waiting for the family to come outside. When my stepdaughter came out, I asked her what she was drinking. Being that French is her first language and English is second, she tried her best to describe it to me: “It’s not simply milk. It’s milk, not milk but some milk and coffee and…” BINGO -yeah I stopped listening at that point- because I had been toiling for DAYS over what to call my film and paper company, and so far my husband had shot down every idea I came up with. He shot this one down too however I just felt it in my deepest of heart that it was destined to become: Simply Milk, Film and Paper Company. Simply Milk Co. SMCO. All of it. I loved ALL. OF. IT.

since finding my niche and name, I started making stationery from photographs (my film and paper) and writing tutorials on creating simple yet beautiful photographs (cropping, people!!). I have a small shop on Etsy which you can visit from my shop page, but no shop directly here because this is a FREE wordpress site.

About my camera gear

(Coming soon!)

Thanks for stopping by! This website is still new so for the next few months it will be updated, reconstructed, pulled apart and put back together every day.

Feel free to say hello, you can contact me through the submission form or dropping me a comment!




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