You can shop my online store here for loads of good stuff like photography, digital downloads and stationery.   You can also check here for discounts, coupons and promotions at my Etsy store.     Visit SimplyMilkCo at

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WORKING FROM HOME The workplace is where the creativity begins (but not necessarily ends!) so here is a peek of where most of my food photography is set up. On a side note, most of it isn’t even set up. I usually walk into the kitchen and am inspired by objects that someone forgot to…

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My name is Rachel and I am a creative at heart. I greatly prefer animals to humans. I work as a freelance photographer, photojournalist and website builder. Some of my hobbies include making short films, creating things I find on Pinterest and always moving furniture around or painting something. If it’s fun, let’s do it. In 2014…

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Rachel Collet -OR-     Need an icebreaker? I want to hear your worst joke!! I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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