A Canadian Taco Bell hack with a New England Introduction

Its been a busy two weeks!!

I had a surprise visit from family and then Patrick and I took an impromptu trip to Bar Harbor, Maine for the 4th of July.

Despite the fact that it was a painfully short trip, it was an incredible experience and I still had an amazing time being an American on the 4th of July (happy tears!). Bar Harbor is absolutely beautiful and quaint and was voted #1 best 4th of July experience by the Today Show; also recognized by National Geographic as one of the top 10, which I can now personally attest to! I even saw a moose for the first time when we were driving back, a mama and her two babies crossing the street and then a juvenile moose trotting in the fast lane.

During our quick trip to the U.S. I was left longing, maybe even pining, for Taco Bell. It isn’t like Taco Bell doesn’t exist in Canada, but it’s definitely not the same greasy sh*t you get in the US. So after being served a sad, sad Canadian version of a meximelt and some weird poutine nacho hybrid I decided a simple google might be in order.

Turns out it’s incredibly easy.

Did you know that the meximelt is probably the LEAST complicated burrito to make?! Beef, pico de gallo and cheese. And done.

So I endeavored it, and here it is. Canadian Homemade MexiMelt! You’re welcome.



-Beef cooked with taco seasoning


-Pico de Gallo (tomato, onion, cilantro, lime juice)

1. Prepare a heated pan with oil for the beef. Cook the beef until brown. Add taco seasoning and cool down.

2.Prepare your pico de gallo by dicing the tomato, onion and cilantro. Combine and add lime juice.

3. You can now start assembling your meximelt by adding the beef, pico de gallo and cheese on a flat tortilla. You can layer it or mix all the ingredients together. At this stage, if you have a panini press or any way to heat the meximelt again (this includes my version of microwaving it), go ahead and do that after assembling. You want the cheese to melt and ooze out.

and your absolute finished product should look like this!


I am becoming a big fan of fast food hacks because this dish isn’t all that unhealthy, yet when you think of Taco Bell numerous cliches come to mind.

I really hope you try this and enjoy it and if you have any other Taco Bell hacks I’d love to hear them!!

Until next time!