The only recipe you’ll need through all 4 seasons


While the rest of the country is obsessing over spring and summer foods, I find myself always going back to the basics.

I’ve been a pizza addict for as long as I can remember. IN FACT, I don’t know a single person that doesn’t love pizza. My pre-marital days consisted of frozen pizzas and seedy pizza joints. Then I grew up and got married and since my move to Canada, my husband and I are always searching for the “perfect pizza”. We even started making our own pizzas from scratch, and my favorite recipe comes from my personal idol, Martha Stewart.

So here’s our go-to pizza dough recipe.

Although we have been lucky enough to live near a cooking school that sells pre-made dough, I’ve been devouring it at an unhealthy one a day rate.

Martha’s Pizza Dough Recipe

(cut the recipe in half for a batch of dough for one person)

1/8 ounce yeast

3/4 cup water

2 tbsp sugar

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp salt

4 cups flour


  • Add the yeast to the water and let it sit for about five minutes.
  • Mix remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl, then slowly add the water once the yeast-water is ready.
  • Mix until the dough becomes and obvious pizza dough texture.
  • Put dough in an oiled bowl and cover. Place in warm spot for 1-3 pizza-17 pizza-21 pizza-24

Once the dough has risen, I recommend topping it with San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Set your oven to 425 and cook for 5-10 minutes. TIP (and just the tip): watch your pizza carefully! One extra minute and your pizza will burn to shit. pizza-29 pizza-30 pizza-31 pizza-32

Here’s several pizzas I’ve made in the past few days, and they are nothing short of AMAZING.

pizza-33CQ5A4429 CQ5A4430 CQ5A4432

Do you have a go-to recipe that you adore and are always changing up? Let me know what it is in the comments, and if you want you can share your recipe!




2 thoughts on “The only recipe you’ll need through all 4 seasons

  1. Pizza dough is on my “must have” recipes list! Thanks, I am definitely going to be trying this.


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