Your simple summer “go-to” drink

Let’s face it. We all need a drink sometimes, whether we like to admit it or not.

For example. When it snows in fucking May.

But you’re in luck! Because this is the easiest, tastiest, summer-iest drink you’ll be able to make in two seconds and I promise you’ll love it.


Rachel’s ‘Fuck it’ Drink

(not literally, okay? As in, “Fuck it, let’s drink!” But if you want to fuck it we won’t judge you here)


-1800 Coconut Tequila

-Pineapple juice

You’re welcome.

I didn’t put measurements because it’s to your own discretion how drunk you want to get. And I promise that when you’re drinking this drink while looking out your cold, dreary, snowy window in May, it will transport you to your happy place.

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This drink brings me back to the beach in Florida. What do you do to get back to your happy place when it “snows in May”?