5 things to get you out of bed

This post was written on July 25th and never published. I haven’t been paying blogs much attention, so here you go. And, you’re welcome.

Hello Blog World!

I’ve been neglecting you but I promise it’s nothing personal. Life has been busy (yet not busy at the same time, weird) and I’ve been in a creative rut that I’m slowly digging myself out of; along with some severe missing home-ness. (I ended up going home for 2.5 months, it was niiiiiice.)

My husband suggested I started this blog when he saw how frustrated I was getting with writing for work. The majority of my articles are copy edited so that any voice in them is trimmed out. When this happens, it takes the joy out of writing and leaves me a little dead inside. I typically wait until an hour before my articles are due and just “blah” the shit out of it…. also known as boring the shit out of my reader.

So even though this blog is supposed to be my outlet for my real voice in writing, I still find it a little hard to talk so publicly about certain things, such as work. The work that I really want to be doing. The photography. I scour the internet for inspiration yet, instead I get sucked into this world of what other people are doing. Before I know it, not only is the day almost over, but I also feel really bad about myself. I lack the confidence I need to go out there and get what I want.

It gets so bad that I actually turned down two jobs this past month. (I know– W.T.F.)

I have decided that it’s time to start perusing the internet in a healthier way. Stop looking at what others are doing and to REALLY get inspired. One thing I love to do is read self help books, however now there is rarely any quiet time for reading. So what’s the next best thing? Motivational podcasts! I’m kind of addicted (also still addicted to Instagram, but I will definitely address that later) but what is even more addicting is when you find that perfect podcast that addresses things like: when you feel like a fraud in your line of work, or: lacking the self confidence to move forward.

I’m compiling a short list of things I do, that maybe you can do to, to get unstuck and get motivated again. I’m calling it my “Get out of Bed” list. Sometimes when everyone else is going and you feel left behind, it’s kind of like just being stuck in bed. So get the F out of bed!!

Rachel’s ‘Get out of Bed’ List

Just hanging out with my rabbit.
Just hanging out with my rabbit. Also called ‘Get off the couch’ list.


1. Listen to motivational, educational and informative podcasts. This makes any drive more fun. Right now I’m listening to Being Boss, at lovebeingboss.com. They pretty much address every emotion any entrepreneur might experience, if you’re a female. For dudes (and I always love comparing how dudes and chicks run their businesses) there is Invisible Work Hours with Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook. (Tip: Paul Jarvis also will deliver directly to your inbox “The Freelancers Guide” when you sign up for ::sigh:: his newsletter. I fucking hate newsletters.)

2. Create a tiny list of things that make you happy that you revisit when you’re feeling shitty. #1 on my list? Cuddle the animals, fo’ sho’. #2: I ask myself what else I’m feeling bad about. The way I look? Am I out of shape? Have I been eating right? Am I feeling lonely, or just plain pathetic today? Fix it.

Yeah... how can you resist that face? It always makes me happy.
Yeah… how can you resist that face? It always makes me happy.

Sometimes just watching your favorite movie makes you feel human again, or putting on clothes that feel familiar. Today, for me it was seeing a pair of bacon earrings I want. Really.

3. Commit to a good workout. I know how cliché this one is, but it totally gets me out of my head and will get my endorphins going. And lets face it: I totally love the idea of having bad ass muscles that will kick ass. I love my cross-training videos because they require so much endurance that I get a sense of accomplishment when I can actually make it through the whole thing.

4. Take a trip home. Visit the well. Get well. Go back to other home. and repeat.

My zen. Sarasota, Florida.
My zen. Sarasota, Florida.

5. Get centered with some alone time, or the exact opposite if you are an extrovert. But make sure you are surrounding yourself with good people. Identifying this can be hard, since as we get older our list of friends dwindles down. Rule of thumb: Friends should make you feel good about yourself. If they don’t, well, they ain’t called “frenemies” for nothin. If you bond with someone, that bond should be cherished and nurtured. I don’t believe in staying friends with someone just because I don’t have the balls to write them off.

I am an introvert at heart and learned extrovert, so I need alone time to recharge my batteries. When other people around around I can get my alone time in the garden. I go outside and start pulling weeds. It clears my head and no longer want to kill everyone.


So these are just five things that I like to do, and sometimes nothing will work and everything that you do will feel stupid and you will continue to feel like shit. When that happens to me, I know that I really need to be alone to get centered.

Looking over this list, I can’t say that I would change much. The animals still do it for me and going home DEFINITELY helps to feel human again. I also like to hit the Tarot cards once in a while. It’s really just a matter of doing things that feel good and remembering that it made you feel good so you can go back and do it again. And oh my god there is a grown ass man getting a circumcision on tv right now, what is going on?! 

Okay, here’s one more for good luck. A picture of my hot husband. Yeah… this makes me feel better.

Jeeeeezus. Yowzah. ::wolf whistle:: "Take your shirt off!!"
Jeeeeezus. Yowzah. ::wolf whistle::

So, does anyone that reads this have particular things they do to get out of a work/life rut? Please share!! I’d love to know.

Have an awesome week!