Instagram addiction, hashtag: embarrassed

I’m going to jump right into it: I became addicted to Instagram this week.

This is ridiculous. I don’t even know what part of it is addicting. But I do know that you should follow me on Instagram @SimplyMilkCo and you may want to follow my bunny and watch him do terribly (cute) things @BrownBunnyBoulangerie. He already has five followers and only one of them is me!


I should be ashamed, I’m an adult. I also really should be working right now; I am just so severely distracted by the mounds of weirdos that have such an affinity for bunnies they take the time to dress them up and video them as they sleep and eat and do nothing–they even quote their bunnies. I am enamored by the overweight lazy clusters of fur and the sheer weirdness of it; if you get a chance, check out @BunnyPigi. @BunnyPigi is one of the reasons I spent today not talking to anyone around me and only staring at my phone which resulted in me shoving a nun down the stairs and accidentally setting a museum on fire.

I see this bizarre pet owner behavior in my very very crazy insane person future. This concludes my post for the night.