10 Websites that will inspire you, even if you can’t read

There’s nothing better than occupational jealousy, so here are a few of my favorite blogs that never fail to make me wish I was someone else, and hopefully they’ll do the same for you!:

Feedly: Feedly is sort of like a newspaper, if all blogs were relevant news and the newspaper was only read by teenagers and stay at home moms. I use it when I need inspiration or just happen to be bored. Honestly, sometimes I forget it’s there and then I remember and it’s like discovering something new all over again.

“LLBean Spring Picnic” thefreshexchangeblog

The Fresh Exchange Blog: These guys are total snobs and their pages are filled with endorsements, however it’s a couple-team and the husband takes really great photographs and even better short films. I dig him.

“Kale sushi rolls” Deliciouslyella

Deliciously Ella: Ella Woodward, the writer of this blog, has a status just short of royalty but has all-natural meat-free gluten-free recipes you don’t think royalty would even glance at. She just published a cookbook in the U.K. and U.S. and seems to be rapidly expanding her empire; she also takes the time to respond to almost every single comment she receives, totally nice! Check her out for your next vegan meal.

trees of vancouver

Cereal Magazine: If you’ve ever wanted to travel, take awesome photographs while traveling, and then write really long dissertations on traveling and photographs, then this blog is for you! The photographs alone will transport you to all sorts of expensive cities and you won’t want to come back, promise. (They also offer hard copies of their magazine at $14 an issue, which is cheaper than therapy for other issues. bad joke.)

“Fall” Cocorrina

Cocorrina: If these websites were in any particular order, Cocorrina would be at the top! This blog has an almost-weekly publication of The Freelance Life written by the owner herself, Corina Nika. She is an utterly amazing graphic designer, so once again check it out if only for the photographs.

“drinks” Pottery Barn blog

Pottery Barn: Yes, Pottery Barn has a blog and I want to live in it.

Conde Nast Traveler: cnTraveler always pops up on my social media feeds, so I read it more than I think. It’s a vacation for those that never get a vacation, or if you need to know how to pack for one.

“Cartier’s ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’ collection” Parisinfourmonths blog

Paris in Four Months: I really don’t know why I read this blog except for that it appears frequently on my Feedly. Paris never seems to get old and this blog does a great job of embodying french culture through photos.

“meltpops” Sugar and Cloth blog

Sugar and Cloth: I only look at this blog for the photographs, which is justified since it looks like they spend a very long time creating them! The rest of the blog is DIY crafts which in theory is nice to look at but I know I will never, ever do.

Creative Live: This is truly a little known gem that I may regret exposing, but if you’ve ever wanted to take FREE essential courses in art & design or money and business management then this is definitely it! Don’t even waste your time with tuition or enrollment, creative live is where IT’S AT. You can register for a live video class, and if you miss the broadcast there is always the option to purchase the class later (and occasionally they come on sale). I recently signed up for “Shooting Documentary Short Films” and “How to Make a Living Selling What You Make”.

Honorable Mentions (Yes, because I can):

Martha Stewart has a blog but it looks like she uses a free version of WordPress that is absolutely littered with ad’s. The photographs are small and her articles are sometimes completely irrelevant, i.e. Volvo Ocean Race. Really? Unless you are showing the sailors how to properly make a bed in Connecticut or plant Tulips in time for the summer, I’m not interested. Time for an overhaul, Martha. You’re better than that.

Ez Pudewa has a blog called Creature Comforts but since January has said a “sort of good-bye”. Yet, you can always skim through old posts to see what her creative brain looks like or find some of her work on Pinterest!

GOOP: Don’t even. I’m okay with it if you want to consciously uncouple with me because of this, but sometimes a girl has to dream- and dream big. And let’s face it, one day I will be able to afford $385 magic sunless tanning oil or a purse made from rare endangered birds in South America. GP also published a few cookbooks which I cook from all the time.

I’m still looking for the perfect fitness blog or website if anyone has any suggestions, let me know as soon as possible!! Wouldn’t it be great if Jillian Michaels started one?!


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