This weekend I went to a Gala… and my kid farted through the whole thing. (Also a bunny update!)

I think the bunny update should be first since today Frankie went into “emergency surgery”. I don’t know how much of an emergency it was or more of a spontaneous decision… on my part, not the vet’s. She seemed like she knew this was going to happen, she offered to do it right away since Frank was her last appointment of the day. I expressed my concern for the cost of the surgery and offered to wait until never, yet she somehow managed to work the price down into my budget which was straight up magic-like because really, I think at some point we have all wondered why vet’s are so expensive to begin with. Plus, if you are a healer, I think it’s pretty noble to offer your services regardless. (example: I had an acupuncturist that always offered treatments regardless of whether or not you were going to pay her that day or in a month.)

So here is pre-surgery Frank

Yep, that is him kissing me and then begging me to be take him home (there may have been a threat or two involved).

The procedure was to go as follows: Be put under for 15 minutes, cut open his neck, drain the puss from the wound and then leave the wound OPEN (because it reacts to oxygen) and come back every day for the next 4 days for antibiotic injections directly in the wound. Also cut his nails while he is asleep. The entire thing should take about 30 minutes.

The procedure actually went like this: they cut him open, the abscess was encapsulated so it actually popped out of his neck, then the vet cut it out and stitched him right up. The end! They also cut his nails and didn’t charge me for it. REALLY, how awesome of a vet is she?!

And my baby was home again an hour later (a very sleepy baby). Within a few hours he was back to normal and being spoiled with bananas and new toys and lots of massages and attention.


I have that classic look of: I just gave birth (to a bunny) and I’m tired yet pleased with myself.

But I wasn’t the only one giving him attention.

Jasmine gives the bunny massages which he literally gets into position for and LOVES (and since he’s a lionhead she calls him “head of lion”). Then there’s Patrick’s mysterious hand pointing at the bunny right before walking away. And Frankenstein with his new toy, which he has already chewed all the orange frilly corn husk bits off. I tried to take a picture of his stitches but since it’s under his chin it’s quite difficult and all the pictures come out like this:



Sometimes my job affords me some really cool things, like this weekend getting to attend a ballet gala at the Grand Théâtre. Of course, I have to take photographs while I’m there and then come home and think of something clever to write about, so it’s not always worth it because most of the time I hate writing about it. I have to make it sound all benevolent and glamorous and can’t make people out to be the assholes they are or I can’t talk about how bad the theatre smelled.



We had nice seats and the tickets were free (82.50 each, I brought my stepdaughter), and most of the time I still can’t imagine how I’m let into these things. Everyone was really dressed up and of course we show up in denim looking slightly homeless — although there was a kid in our row with a rat tail about a foot long, eh they probably just thought he was with us. Anyway, we stayed in our seats for the first part of the evening which was awards and some boring speeches and then we moved to the end of the row so we could more easily escape later.

It was my first time photographing a ballet and I don’t know what disturbed the folks around us more, the sound of my shutter or Jasmine’s absolutely repulsive farts. She’s so tiny, it’s amazing she can produce such pungent smells. I mean, can I just say exactly HOW difficult can it be to hold in a fart? I feel like I spent my entire youth holding them in around boyfriends and as I got older praying to god they weren’t happening in my sleep.

So here are some photos from the ballet

I actually really enjoyed photographing this one, and I’m sure once my lens gets cleaned or when I get another one photographs like this will come out even better (rather than only 1 of every 10 coming out).

So bunnies and ballets….

Does anyone that reads this have a bunny or a pet that you swear is your spirit animal?


I call this shot surprised horse-faced rabbit. I love it. Good night!!


2 thoughts on “This weekend I went to a Gala… and my kid farted through the whole thing. (Also a bunny update!)

  1. Your bunny is gorgeous, I hope he feels better soon!
    For the farting.. my niece would do exactly the same thing haha! I went to the ballet for the first time with my friends a couple of years back, I was amazed. And jealous over the fact that I would never look good in a leotard, or be flexible.

    Thanks for the read! Feel free to visit my blog and give me a follow and read my recent posts 🙂

    SM 🙂


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