The Unicorn of food (with a bunny status)

Recently, what I have heard called affectionately, “the unicorn of food”, I have developed a quick fondness and very deep love for, a staple here in Québec: POUTINE.

It’s the simplest of foods containing only 3 ingredients: 1-fries 2-cheese curds 3-gravy, it’s complete comfort food and has forced me into cross-training workout videos regularly (if I wish to keep up this unhealthy habit).

For close to a year we have been on a search for the best poutine in town, and while I wish I had been taking photos this entire time of competitors I am left with only this one photo but F*CK YES it does it justice because it is absolutely amazing.

poutine 2

This particular award-winning (in my mind) poutine is covered in steak and onions and can only be found at Frite Alors in Québec. There’s also a pulled pork poutine which is a very, very close second. (I would link to Frite Alors but for some reason free wordpress doesn’t want me to right now).

We will continue our search for the best poutine, which I think might be endless…

We have even made it home, which is basically just a salt fix since I’m pretty sure if we mixed cheese and beef broth in a blender with a TON of salt it would be the same thing.


When we first brought Frankie home in April I noticed a little bump under his chin which since has only gotten bigger, rapidly. He’s still a baby, only 5 months old so it’s quite worrisome. The vet at his first appointment recommended we take him to the animal hospital which we did yesterday and to our relief “IT’S NOT A TUMOR” (cheesy Arnold voice). It’s an abscess which they poked and prodded and it’s been determined that he will have to have surgery for it eventually before it ruptures. I hate to see my little guy go through this but what a giant F’ING relief that it isn’t more serious than that.

On that note, since I only have photos of animals on my phone, time to share a few!!!

Baby Frank, the first week he came home. He’s a lionhead so he has a furry neck but something about the first picture reminds me of the movie The Grinch, when they show him as a boy. I guess they have the same fur. (and his fur is especially soft!)


Frank week 2. After jumping in the toilet.

I realize this is a ridiculous amount of photos of one rabbit, but he’s mine and this is my blog and I do what I want.

Frankie & Toby

and there I am in the middle (just in case you thought I was the cereal box) with a ridiculous grin on my face, happily wearing my earring and scarf.

God bless animal lovers. and America. OH YEAH! and I really didn’t know it was memorial day weekend until I saw pictures of friends at the beach and grilling and generally not at work on Monday. I’m starting to miss my American holidays….

Enjoy your 4 day work week everyone!


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