The South up North

I don’t write “reviews” of restaurants, it just so happens to be that one of my favorite things to photograph is food (I’m beginning to realize that most things are my favorite thing to photograph).

barbacoa sign

On Friday night Patrick and I decided to try a new (to me) BBQ restaurant called Barbacoa. It took us 35 minutes to get there with a drive across the bridge but once we got to the other side it was quite beautiful to see the lights of Québec city.



I loved it. It reminded me exactly of Nancy’s BBQ in Sarasota which is definitely southern comfort food. So I had the BBQ sliders and Patrick had the ribs but I’m going out on a limb here and going to say… the sides were the best. Mac ‘n cheese, potato salad, cucumber salad and baked beans. YEP.

The food was delicious, I can’t say that enough. Howeeeeeever… I usually like to eat my food while it’s hot, and for some reason it just didn’t come that way. Maybe it was because we were there so late, or maybe that’s just how they serve it. It was a bummer but I’m pretty sure my macncheese got me over it.

I also adore their cheesy map of the USA on the wall. That was truly the tacky American touch that most un-american BBQ joints need.


I would have preferred sitting on wooden benches and eating my BBQ out of a plastic basket with that cheap checkered paper and maybe some sides out of styrofoam (oh god my “country” is glaringly obvious), it just seemed a bit clinical to be eating BBQ off of someones fancy dishes. Still doesn’t matter-FOOD WAS GOOD. I might even compare it to some of the home cooked country meals I get when I’m back “down south” eating at my friend Don’s house.


‘nite Y’ALL!


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