Gardening closeups, one of my favorite subjects

gardening annuals

This Weekend:
It was finally beautiful out in this indefinitely cold city! It reached about 70, which means garden time… but I’ll just go ahead and call it a garden party because I had a beer while planting.

gardening 2015-14

I have three gardening boxes to work with that will hold herbs and tomatoes, some wooden crates I can only assume my husband acquired from Ikea and a few flower boxes and pots.

I don’t know what I’m doing when I garden but I know that I love it and I enjoyed my sunday planting and photographing.

Some remnants from home in Florida: an ever-growing orange tree, our newly purchased hibiscus and a few begonias. I just I know the begonias are on here twice, but did I mention I love them?

I even brought the animals out to play. Toby wanders aimlessly in the grass which I think is cute because it’s covered in clovers- however Frankenstein has to stay in his cage; he’s still a baby but he’s a tornado and we would probably never see him again if we let him run loose.

And there it is: My plants, my pets, my babies! Happy Tuesday!!
gardening 2015-18


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