A Happy Morning, a Healthy Start

Good Morning!!

It’s pretty hard for me to stay healthy when my husband is always buying snacks or we are eating meals cooked for four (HI HONEY! I hope you’re reading this!!), so one thing I like to do in the morning is make myself a smoothie so I know I will have at least one meal in the day that I can feel good about–Plus it goes great with my coffee.

I pretty much only wrote this post so I could take photos and I think they came out quite well. So here are my simple ingredients for a healthy kick start.

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I absolutely love this flavor of Vega Protein because it balances out the blueberries and Açai. I only use half a scoop instead of the recommended full scoop so I don’t shit myself.

I don’t always add the açai because I can’t really find it in the grocery stores here. Also chia seeds are a nice little addition when I remember to add them, they expand in liquid so you can hardly tell they are there.

I’m aware that the peanut butter has absolutely no nutritional value (come to think of it I might swap it for some almond butter soon) but it adds a creaminess that you won’t get with anything else.

I use almond milk since I don’t really like regular milk, although I’m not entirely a fan of all the ingredients that is put in it especially since I go through a box every 3 days.

Before & After

And like I said, it’s goes great with coffee.

And there you have it, a breakfast to feel good about!



1/2 scope Vega One

1/2 mason jar of Almond Milk, flavor of your choice!

handful of blueberries

spoonful of peanut butter

2 tablespoons açai juice (optional)

1 tablespoon chia seeds (optional)

-Mix in a blender and enjoy! Although I recommend a good quality blender because it’s shitty when you try to suck up full blueberries through a straw because your blender can’t be bothered to correctly mince them up.

(This is in no way a plug for ANYTHING you see here… it’s only here because I like it and use it. Although if anyone from Vega sees this I will gladly take free containers since it’s quite expensive, thanks!)